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The Violet Stone

Philly born and raised

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Shortly after Britt and Dan met, Dan began working for a tech startup. It was an exciting time in their lives. There were countless opportunities to travel for work. And because they were young, carefree, and kid-free, they took every opportunity! Through their travels, they experienced some of the best restaurants, wineries, and bar's in the US. Dan grew up in restaurants, obsessed with food, and shared that passion with Brit. Over time and many late-night ventures, traveling and partying took a toll, and it was time to settle down. Then came Dani Violet, their first baby. As quick as she could eat solids. COVID hit, and Brit became a stay-at-home mom. And for Dan, work got even crazier, but working from home meant someone had to cook. As all parents know, children have eclectic palates. And Dani Violet's was no different. And her pallet demanded one thing, Pizza! Cooking for his family became the best part of Dan’s day. During COVID, the pursuit of the perfect pizza became a phenomenon. And like many others, "Pizza night" became every night. It's one of the simple things that can feed a family of four. Or one very hungry…very lonely… individual. As COVID restrictions started to loosen, layoffs decimated the tech industry. And Dan was no exception. With a three-year-old child, a mortgage, and a newborn, Brit and Dan needed to do something. So, they did what every reasonable family does, sell their home. Move to Florida. And open a Pizza truck! But, they weren’t going to do just any pizza business. The world doesn't need another NY city pizza shop or a Neopolitan floppy mess. Let's talk about REAL pizza. And when we talk pizza, we start with the dough. HIGH hydration dough (+70%). High hydration allows the pizza to bake longer and not burn the crust. Using a low dome wood-fire oven, The Violet Stone bakes their pizza at 750 degrees. Thus, giving the pizza its signature crispy and delicious finish. And they don't bake the pizza for 90 seconds… Now that we covered the dough let's talk about the crust. The crust is light, airy, and crisp! Remember when you were a kid, and your parents would tell you the crust was the best part? Isn't that when you realized your parents were liars? But, the crust should have been the best part. And, now it is! Let's talk sauce. Brit and Dan sampled over 20 different-styled tomatoes. And they created over 50 unique recipes before choosing the best compliment to their pizza. Now the cheese. Although Brit and Dan tried MANY... MANY... CHEESES (building a business is fun); there was no competition for these three kinds of cheese. First, they chose a Whole Milk Low Moisture Mozzarella. The low moisture keeps the cheese from "watering" into the pizza and giving you that soupy shit you get at most Neopolitan places. Next up, a dollop of fresh Mozzarella Di Bufala. Di Bufala is the choice of cheese for the greatest Pizzerias in the world. And finally, after the pizza is done baking. To top off the pizza, The Violet Stone shreds Parmigiano Reggiano on top. Now listen carefully. It is actually Parmigiano Reggiano. You should be in prison if you are using Pecorino and claiming Parmigiano Reggiano. Parmigiano Reggiano gives an exceptional salty finish to the creamy texture of the cheeses. Brittany and Dan knew if they were going to do this. They would need to go BIG! They had to get every detail perfect— the pizza, the truck's branding, the artwork, and the design. Everything had to be perfect! Even making sure the name had a pop. The Violet Stone is named after their daughter Dani Violet. Their first customer…and Dan's favorite child(kidding)...sorta

The Violet Stone welcomes you to join in their story.

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