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The Violet Stone

Pizza & Sandwiches

All pies are well done (charred edges and zero flop) and are topped with basil and parmesan

We use Bianca DiNapoli organic tomatoes on our pies and D.O.P. tomatoes to make our sauces

We bake long seeded roll for our sandwiches everyday

We use shaved ribeye on our cheesesteaks

**Family run and owned since 2022**


Pizza (10” & 16”)

The Classic - cheese, sauce   $10/$17.99

White - cheese, house ricotta  $10.99/$19.25


Specialty Pies (10” & 16”)

Uncle Johnny - upside down pie w/ extra sauce and pecorino, no FOO FOO (basil, parm)


Sticky Fingers - cheese, blush vodka sauce, chorizo, hot honey drizzle   $12/$22.25

Diablo (spicy) - cheese, arrabbiata sauce(spicy), hot sausage, pickled onions    $12/$22.25

Spicy Boi - cheese, arrabbiata, bacon, ricotta, hot honey drizzle    $12/$22.25

Philly Special (spicy) - cheese, hot sausage, long hots, ricotta   $12/$22.25

Shroom Pie - cheese, white truffle cream sauce, baby bella shrooms, ricotta, rosemary   $12/$22.25

CBR - cheese, grilled chicken, bacon, calabrian ranch drizzle    $12/$22.25

Italian Stallion - cheese, sausage, broccoli rabe, ricotta $12/$22.25


Make Your Own Calzone  $16

Pick your ingredients. All calzones get ricotta, mozz, and two sides of your choice of sauce. 

Feeds 4.


Sicillians    $27.95

Pick your toppings or make it into a specialty pie +$. 

12 slices.



cupped & charred pepperoni, hot sausage, bacon, chorizo, mushrooms, broccoli rabe, 

pickled onions($1), long hots, ricotta($2.25), hot honey($2), Carmelized onions($1)   Full+$3.25 Half+$2.15 +$for Scillian


Sauces & Dressings

ranch, caesar, blue cheese, tomato sauce, blush vodka sauce, arrabbiata

Sandwiches (6” & 12”)

Cheesesteak   $8.75/$16.75

Cheeses: Cooper Sharp American**, sharp provolone, American, wiz

Toppings: Caramelized Onions**, mushrooms, broccoli rabe, long hots, cherry peppers, banana peppers, mayo

Shroomy Cheesesteak - ribeye, bechamel, mushrooms, topped with American   $9.50/$17.50

Buffalo Cutlet - buffalo chicken cutlet, topped with American $8.50/$16

Street Fighten Fran - hot honey chicken cutlet, pepper jack cheese, purple coleslaw, 

calabrian ranch drizzle   $8.50/$16

Chicken Parm - homemade chicken cutlet, mozz, sauce, basil, parmesan   $8.50/$16

Eggplant Parm - homemade breaded eggplant, mozz, sauce, basil, parmesan $8.50/$16

Chickie Vodkie - homemade chicken cutlet, blush vodka sauce, basil, parmesan $8.50/$16

Veggie Momma -  homemade breaded eggplant, sharp provolone, broccoli rabe, roasted red peppers, topped with balsamic reduction drizzle & parmesan   $8.50/$16

Steak Sandwich (no cheese)   $8.50/$16.50



Fried Mozz - homemade mozz  w/ side of DOP tomato sauce   $12

Plain Fries   $7

Crabby Fries - old bay seasoned fries, side of crabby american cheese sauce   $9

Mega Fries - fries topped with wiz, ranch, & bacon   $11



12oz bottle $2.50

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